Customers with approved credit will receive Net 30 days terms.

For customers with Credit Cards on file. If your Credit Card has changed from your last order, please notify us ASAP with your New CC. Your order will not ship unless we have a current CC on file. Please do not put your Credit Card information on our Website at anytime.

Your orders will be processed with your card when your order ships.

Once we receive your "Confirmed Order", we will ship it out the same day provided that orders are received by 2:00PM EST.

Any Reorder is a $100.00 minimum (this helps with your shipping)

Prices are subject to change due to the fluctuation of the silver market.


Please note that shipping costs are only an estimate.

Once we receive your order we will calculate Insurance and weight for an accurate shipping costs.

Feel free to call us to discuss terms. We can be reached at 561-988-9431 or